Bienvenue Art Fair, Hotel La Louisiane, Saint German, Paris

„Bienvenue Art Fair“ (GA)
Hotel La Louisiane, Saint Germain, Paris.
Keta Gavasheli, Gesine Kikol, Judith Kleintjes, Sabrina Podemski, Klara Virnich, Denise Werth.
Invited by Maren Knapp Voith, Nails Projectroom.
Room Nº 31, Hotel La Louisiane, 60 Rue de Seine, 75006 Paris.

Nails projectroom presents: Sous les pavés at Bienvenue Art Fair
in the Hotel La Louisiane, Saint Germain, Paris.

Opening: October 20 | 6 – 10PM
Public Schedule (Free Entrance)
21.10. | 12 – 8 PM
22.10. | 12 – 8 PM
23.10. | 12 – 7 PM

In a spatial staging, six women from the Rhineland set the most diverse forms of image production and aesthetics in relation to each other, playing with the possibilities of each, combining and synthesizing. The unique selling point of painting as one of many image forms of the present recedes. Codes from advertising and the product world are equalized, recomposed and provided with a new surface to a new experience. Aesthetization as a process, partly with collage, the color acts as an indicator, partly from analog, partly from painterly and digital image material – different textile grounds.

Invited by Maren Knapp Voith